Our terms of service

§1 General

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC for short) apply as long as you stay on our pages or use our services.

The General Terms and Conditions regulate the relationship between Endelon Hosting and the users.

§2 Services

2.1 Endelon Hosting offers its users the opportunity to book services free of charge via various portals.
2.2 All services can be ordered and used without specifying the purpose of use. However, it is prohibited to store, distribute or send copyrighted, illegal works, prohibited documents or content on the services provided by us.
2.3 Any technical problems, such as caused by (D)DoS attacks, interruption of network infrastructure, power supply, software and/or hardware as well as router problems may cause limitations, inaccessibility and downtime. All refund measures for problems, outages or similar are not possible.
2.4 Any revenue generated by using our services is prohibited. Exception: social media revenue
2.5 Any resale of our services is prohibited.

§3 Contracts and conclusion of contracts

3.1 All our offers are only free of charge. Therefore no contract is concluded
3.2 Contracts that have been discussed and concluded with users are valid until terminated

§4 User account

4.1 Users can only be a legally competent, natural person.
4.2 Users who are minors must be at least 14 years old.
4.3 In order to complete the registration validly, the user must provide his personal data in the registration form completely and correctly. If his information is incorrect or insufficient, we reserve the right to irrevocably delete the account in question and terminate all relations. In addition, we reserve the right to prohibit a new registration. In case of termination of a contract, no refund will be made.
4.4 Any Endelon Hosting user may be terminated, suspended or deleted immediately in the event of an urgent reason, such as a violation of the Terms and Conditions. Also in this case there will be no refund.
4.5 According to DSGVO, every user has the right to have his account deactivated or deleted. We reserve the right to irrevocably delete user profiles that have shown no activity for over a year.

§5 Termination/Blocking

5.1 A user account can be terminated at any time.
5.2 We reserve the right to delete, deactivate or block the user account without giving reasons.
5.3 In the event of a forced termination or general cancellation, we may delete the associated user account. A recovery is no longer possible after the deletion process.

§6 Right of withdrawal

There is no right of withdrawal for any of our offers and services.

§7 Liability

7.1 We are liable to the user only in relation to the statutory provisions for damages arising from injury to body, life or health that are based on an intentional or negligent breach of duty by Endelon Hosting.
7.2 We are also not liable for damages or failures, force majeure and thus failures and damages that are beyond our control. This includes loss of data due to hard drive failure, power failures, failures due to attacks on our infrastructure and others. See §280 BGB
7.3 We have the right to correct obvious errors, even after the fact. A claim for damages by the user is excluded in these cases.
7.4 The user is responsible for any kind of content that he puts on the Internet or possibly violates the law. We do not assume any liability for the user's content. If we become aware of a violation, all services of the user will be blocked immediately.
7.5 We are not liable for possible data loss of the user. The user is responsible for backing it up independently.

§8 Additional agreements

Any kind of additional agreements of contracts, products and services will be recorded in writing and must be accepted and signed by both parties.

We reserve the right to view user data at any time and to modify it in the course of platform moderation.

§9 Changes to the terms and conditions

We have the right to change or modify the content of our terms and conditions at any time.
Endelon Hosting is not obligated to inform the user of the consequences of failure to object to the change.

§10 Abuse

Any kind of abusive behavior on and with our platforms is prohibited. Misuse is deemed to have occurred if

- Intentionally incorrect, misleading or incomplete information was/is provided
- A user account was/is opened with us without authorization
- Attempted to defraud or if the fraud has succeeded
- Intentional network problems, malfunctions or problems of any other kind are caused
- Laws are violated or disregarded
- Our terms and conditions are violated or disregarded

We reserve the right to apply the same consequences for similar actions as well