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Minecraft Java Server

At Endelon Hosting, we offer powerful and fully customizable Minecraft Java servers with support for Paper, Fabric, and Forge. Paper enables a high-performance server experience, while Fabric and Forge allow players to add mods and add-ons to expand and personalize their Minecraft experience. With full access to your server data and the ability to upload plugins and manage files, you can create the ultimate Minecraft gaming experience with Endelon Hosting. Our intuitive web interface simplifies server management, so you can focus on what truly matters - your game.

  • Forge
  • Fabric
  • Paper
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Code Runtimes

At Endelon Hosting, we offer versatile code runtimes with comprehensive support for Node.js, Python, Java, and .NET. This enables developers to run their applications in a variety of programming environments directly on our servers. Our intuitive web interface and dedicated support ensure easy management of your applications. Whether you are building a Node.js application, running a Python script, developing a Java project, or leveraging the power of .NET, Endelon Hosting has you covered. Our commitment is to provide you with a seamless, customizable, and hassle-free coding experience.

  • NodeJS
  • Python
  • Java
  • .NET
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Teamspeak Server

At Endelon Hosting, we offer robust TeamSpeak servers with up to 32 slots, providing the perfect platform for seamless communication within your gaming community. Our servers come with full query and file access, allowing for a high level of customization and control. Furthermore, our servers support YaTQA, a comprehensive and powerful TeamSpeak 3 management tool. This ensures an efficient and effortless administration of your TeamSpeak server. With Endelon Hosting, experience top-tier voice communication coupled with extensive management capabilities.

  • 32 Slots
  • Query & File access
  • YaTQA supported
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